Concrete Canoe Club at City College



The Concrete Canoe Competition is a once a year event sponsored by the ASCE.  The Contest requires teamwork, dedication, and having an open mind.  Ultimately, the winner must succeed in fabricating and racing a canoe against other universities on a national stage.   However, before winning it all, we must develop, test, and analyze our material and design. 

The Concrete Canoe Club is comprised of students working together to meet this competition.  Assignments vary per person.   The structure is loose.   Cooperation dictates the order.  A successful competition requires activities from construction to analytical modeling and research.  In the process students should develop their organizational and entrepreneurial abilities.   The Concrete Canoe Club provides both a way to give back to your fellow classmates while also bringing honor to your school.  

It is intended that each year, the veterans walk away with an appreciation for the building crafts,   a strong sense of achievement, a positive outlook towards engineering,  and the fire to be better.

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